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 bed bug bumper  infant co-sleeping


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The Bed Bug Bumper is a comfortable option for infant co-sleeping.  The bumper fits any size bed - you choose the length. One of the best features is the safety of having no entrapment space between the bed and the bumper. It is also easy to make the bed because the bed covers go over the bumper. The Bed Bug Bumper is convenient for travel. The 42 inch bumper weighs only 11 ounces and can be easily folded into a suitcase. When your child is ready to transition to a toddler bed or full size bed, the Bed Bug Bumper can go right along. 

Instructions for use

Measurements: 5" high x 5" wide x various lengths:


Infant Co-Sleeper


two piece 42 + 21


B-63 + B-42

Infant Co-Sleeper


three-piece 42 + 42 + 21



Travel Set of four 21" Bed Bug Bumpers

-makes L-shape co-sleeper or two 42 inch bed rails

4 x 21" pieces 

with 24 Duffel Bag


Destinations outside the U.S. and Canada must use the worldwide shipping link to make purchases.

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